Tuesday, April 15


gallimaufry: noun
a confused jumble or medley of things

I don't usually make backgrounds
without having a solid plan of what the final piece will be,
but sometimes they're the only soothing thing to do.

doodles on one of the above watercolor backgrounds

These are the best blueberry pancakes ever
and are definitely worth the extra TLC required to make them.

Tumble bunnies (free printable!)
made a delightfully fun and easy weekend project
to make with the kids.

I guess I'm on a pancake kick.
These are wonderfully homey and rustic pancakes
made with almond flour and oatmeal.
I got the recipe from the spring 2014 issue of Where Women Cook,
a beautiful magazine gifted to me by my lovely aunt-in-law.

Tonight my evening relaxation looks like this:
tea (good earth sweet chai of mine)
and reading (Journal It! and Where Women Cook).

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