Tuesday, March 18


a new studio
a new blog
(pretty spaces dedicated to me and my art)
both in a single month.

maybe it just happens
that I am coming out of post-baby fog
with a burst of creative energy,
so everything is happening at once.
maybe it's simply time to throw off winter's shackles
and pave the way for spring.
or maybe...
just maybe I am finding myself in a new personal era.
an era of courage,
of claiming the audacious titles
Artist and Studio.
embracing them with resolve and delight.
join me in my courageous adventuring?

my new Studio is in a tiny, odd nook
off of our master bedroom.
I love the flood of natural light
and the space to call my own.


  1. What a fantastic space, I really need to get organized, mine is a disaster and is squashes my creativity! Go you!

  2. Hooray!! Your craft nook is FABulous!!

  3. congratulations on your new blog...I am now a subscriber and can't wait to see all your new adventures

  4. yay for new creative spaces!


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